Well, a lot has happened lately. I think we could write another really nice, long text again, don’t you? 🙂

I’m happy to say that version 0.8.0 is finally on its way! All registered Android alpha testers can already download it from the PlayStore, the iOS testers should receive their version later today. All other impatient people can get a preview on gcwizard.net! 🙂 If the first impressions stay without any significant bug reports, the beta version will be released for all non-registered users.

The big goal is to release a 0.8.x version as the first official GC Wizard version. Cool, right? 🙂 We are looking forward to it!

But this is just a test balloon to get to know the processes of Apple’s and Google’s store releases. Because, let me try a little future at this point, the 1.0 is just around the corner. My original goal for the 1.0 was the complete replacement of GCC. I will not have achieved that goal completely (ooooh 🙁 ). There are just too many symbol tables missing (we are still happy about any help! All tables were created by volunteers! Thanks to all of them, keep up the good work!) as well as some – in my opinion unimportant – crypto functions (which, however, can be provided if needed).And yet I think that #GCWizard has really matured and doesn’t need to hide behind its predecessor anymore. Especially the new functions, like the early built-in favorites function, make it a great tool – and this not least because of the YOUR work, comments, hints and constructive insults on all channels! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you: Thank you!

Also the new 0.8.0 version brings many features that cement the distance and also the difference to its predecessor. In the following posts I would like to introduce some of them to you!

Until then: Thanks for your support! We hope to see a lot more of it. And of course we hope that you like the new version as much as we do!

Changelog for 0.8.0:

[new] Variable Coordinate
[new] Copy Buttons
[new] Paste DEC/DEG/DMS (Coordinate Parser)
[new] Coord Format: OpenLocationCode
[new] Coord Format: Reverse WhereIGo – Waldmeister (Thanks, Udo)
[new] Map View: Satellite [EXPERIMENTAL!]
[new] Waypoint Projection: Reverse Projection
[new] Alphabet Values: Special Characters, Custom Alphabets
[new] DuckSpeak (Thanks, ‘capoaira’)
[new] Deadfish (Thanks, ‘capoaira’)
[new] GC Code
[new] RailFence
[new] One-Time Pad
[new] Permutation (Thanks ‘capoaira’)/Combination
[new] Formula Solver: Show intermediate results
[new] Cross Sum/Range Search
[new] Binary Numbers
[new] Windchill (Thanks ‘capoaira’)
[new] Symbol Tables: Clear Button
[new] Polybios: Autofill Custom Alphabet
[new] new Symbol Tables (Thanks, ‘Aeggsbaerde’, Michael, Stefan)
[new] Input Field: Delete Button
[fix] Input Field: Word Wrap
[fix] Maidenhead (#90; Thanks, Johannes)
[fix] MapView: Web
[fix] Symbol Tables as Favorites (#94; Thanks, Paweł)
[fix] LatLon Internals