If in a multi or mystery geocache not all variables for the solution of the final coordinates can or could be determined, it is sometimes a good idea to simply look at all the open options, maybe even visualized on a map. In this way, some options can often be excluded (Of course, the possibilities should be very manageable. Nobody benefits from seeing 1000 possible coordinates).

The Variable Coordinate tool can be used as a stand-alone tool. But it shows its real power in combination with the formula solver. If a formula could already be filled with some values there, you can copy the partially filled formula and paste it into the Variable Coordinate tool. The missing values can be interpolated here.

Interpret formula
The formulas are interpreted internally using the formula solver. The difference is that a formula is not interpreted with a fixed set of variable values, but rather combines all specified ranges of all variables and the resulting variable combinations are systematically used one after another. Each of these formulas is reinterpreted.
When the formula solver has done its calculations, the result is taken and transferred to the internal coordinate parser, which is also used in the insert function of the coordinates. The parser now tries to determine a valid coordinate from the result.
The whole process can fail at various points. So it can be that the formula solver cannot find a valid mathematical expression, or that something can be calculated here, but then no known coordinate format can be evaluated. Possible sources of error can be:
  • Not all variables entered
  • Sub-formulas were not written in square brackets
  • N and E for North and East have been interpreted as variables, if there are also the variables N and E (a remedy is to simply remove North-N and East-E)
  • Results of formulas or sub-formulas unexpectedly contain a minus or a decimal value
  • The coordinate format was not recognized

Finished interpreted results are summarized in a list of coordinates which will be returned in the end using the desired coordinate format. In addition to the coordinates, the actual variable values from which the coordinates were generated are displayed.
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