We didn’t really take a break after the release of 1.0.0. The main reason for this is that right after the release we could welcome a great reinforcement in our development team: Thomas (aka “TMZ”) had the urge to push the goal “replacement of GCC” very hard and flooded us with many new ported functions. We were flooded not only with new old functions, but also with more than 30 symbol tables, which another great addition to the team, Mike, extracted from the former myGeoTools tables.

With these two guys we were able to make good progress. I guess with the next version 1.2.0 (for which there are of course already ideas and tasks), the GCWizard could be as mighty as the GCC. If I counted correctly, there are only 5 functions missing and with the tables we should have overtaken the GCC now in principle.

What’s new?

In addition to the massive increase of symbol tables and the creation and improvement of numerous functions, also known from the GCC, a Sudoku Solver comes along, which was able to crack all Sudokus, which we gave it, no matter how hard they were classified.

We are also very proud of the new 7/14/16 segment display. With it, it is possible to encrypt texts as well as to interactively create your own characters with the segments.

Internal adjustments were necessary to make the new old tools even better, such as the Projectiles or the Heat Index functions. Also the BCD/Gray functions were improved compared to the GCC.

Of course we also thank all those who found and reported bugs. As far as I can see, all known bugs have been fixed.


[new] Bifid (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] RSA
[new] Heat Index (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] BCD/Gray (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] DTMF (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Projectiles/Bullets (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Sudoku Solver
[new] Affine (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Many Symbol Tables (Thanks, Mike, Thomas, ‘TeamBirdy2404’)
[new] DNA
[new] Numeral Systems: Accept lists
[new] Coordinate Format: Natural Area Code (NAC)
[chg] Polybios/ADFGVX Input (#22)
[chg] Symbol Tables: Sort Order
[fix] Caesar
[fix] Masked Inputs (e.g. Quadtree, #118; Thanks, ‘tomcat06’)
[fix] Deadfish (#163; Thanks, Mike)
[fix] Skytale (Thanks, Thomas)

Translated with help of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)