Well, the 1.3.0 is out now 🙂

It is the version that has cost me the most energy so far. It came in a very turbulent time for me and additionally my two great co-developers Mike and Thomas decided to “sweeten” this time with some extremely complicated features 😀 And Andreas, our reigning picture painter dragged one symbol set after the next 🙂 Additionally he started to work on an online documentation. So many construction sites at once. That was really hard.

Actually, this version should contain a few more features. However, an unacceptable bug came in at short notice, which made an update necessary. We then discussed together what we should do: A bug fix release without new features? That would have been an easy option, but we had simply teased too many new features at that point (especially on Twitter), that might have looked weird. So all open strands that could be closed quickly had to be knitted to the end and all other features were mercilessly slowed down and postponed to the next version. Unfortunately, this hit Thomas’ great work the hardest, which I’m very sorry about. That was a turbulent Christmas vacation. There I thought: Oh nice, Lockdown, no Christmas stress and then this 😉

Well, we very much hope that the release is stable. Nevertheless, this approach gives us the chance to push the still open, partly already written features soon behind. Version 1.4.0 will not be that long in coming, I believe.

The highlights of 1.3.0

  • Multi Decoder: The multi decoder is a configurable list of simple tools. When an input is made, all these tools are executed simultaneously, and – if available – an output is displayed. So standard things like rotations or binary/hexadecimal encodings can be checked quickly, if you are stuck with a cipher again.
  • Hash Search: This function allows to search number-based texts with the syntax known from the Formula Solver and the “Variable Coordinate” tool and to try certain hash functions on a defined range. Works very well, but it is the nature of this function, that it can sometimes take a very long time to calculate. A veeeeery long time.
  • GPX/KML Export for Coordinates: All results from the coordinate tools can now be exported as GPX or KML files. If desired, these created files can also be sent immediately to friends with a suitable app. We are still working on a way to directly call other Map or Geocaching tools with it. (Thanks, Mike)
  • Whitespace: For friends of esoteric programming languages: here comes a tool for invisible code. Have fun! (Thanks, Mike)
  • Solresol language for Numeral Words: Thomas has extended the Numeral Word function with another obscure artificial language
  • Formula Solver: The variables now accept not only numbers, but also formulas. A variable “C” can now also interpret “A + B”. In addition, the Solver now recognizes coordinates on its own, if the result of a calculation provides any. These can be displayed on the map.
  • Many many new Symbol Tables: Thanks for this to Andreas!


[new] Hash Search
[new] Multi Decoder
[new] New Category: General Code Solvers
[new] Whitespace (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] GPX/KML Export (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Cross Sums: Frequency
[new] Formula Solver: Nested variables
[new] Formula Solver: Coordinate Checker/Map View
[new] Numeral Words: Language ‘Solresol’ (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Coordinates: Antipode (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Vigenère: Mode ‘Ignore Non-Letters’ (Thanks, Andy)
[new] Many Symbol Tables (Thanks, Andreas)
[chg] Encryptions: Default to ‘Decrypt’
[chg] Changed name for ‘Universal Code Breaker’ into ‘Substitution Breaker’
[chg] Internal code for Symbol Tables
[chg] ‘All Tools’ Tab: Shows more tools
[chg] Search in ‘Favorites’ Tab searches for all tools
[fix] TAPIR: Dot was not considered (Thanks, ‘MrDosinger’)
[fix] (EN) About Page was not working (Thanks, ‘MrDosinger’)
[fix] Coordinates Tools: Same circles forced crashes (Thanks, Mike)
[fix] Vignenère: Problem with spaces (Thanks, Andy)