Yes – who does not know that. You’ve found a great Wherigo and now you’re standing in the forest and don’t know what to do.

The coordinates jump in and out of the zone, some obstacle blocks the way – or even worse: shortly before the final the cartridge gets stuck. In any case it does not go on.

That can’t be it. Of course not. But replaying with Fake GPS takes time and even an emulator doesn’t always help out there.
The same applies to the tools from Damien Driquet, François Crevola or Team Hildesheim.

Team Hildesheim was able to help quite a bit. At least they made it possible to upload a Wherigo cartridge and to download the LUA file, the media files and the zones and texts of the Wherigo cartridge.

Hence …

… it was only a short jump to an idea:

  • Why not build a server from a Raspberry Pi that receives a GWC file and generates the LUA file.
  • Why not write a tool for the GC Wizard that controls the server and analyzes the LUA file right away?

That sounds feasible!

However …

… unfortunately the road to realization was riddled with numerous pitfalls:

  • Raspberry Pi were/are scarce – especially if they should be powerful.
  • The installation and programming of the server is described in numerous blogs, but still not 1:1 realizable. The server is supposed to be stable.
  • There are numerous ways to create a Wherigo cartridge, which differ in tiny details
    • with Urwigo
    • with the Earwigo Wherigo Web Builder
    • with the WhereYouGo Builder from Groundspeak
    • with the WherigoKit from RangerFox
    • and of course by hand

In addition, there were encodings of input and text that needed to be decoded.

Anyway …

… after countless attempts, a function is now available that should no longer leave you standing in the forest.

It is certainly not perfect – but in any case helpful when it comes to problems.