It has now really taken a long time again. There are many reasons for this. Primarily, our team was directly affected by the health and world political crises of our time. Then, of course, it was summer and thus not the right time to sit in front of a computer and program tools that are actually needed for an outdoor hobby.

And last but not least our great tester Andy and his team just did a very good job and always found an unacceptable bug, which pushed a possible release date back again and again. But we have no time pressure here and we are more interested in quality than in deadlines.

The highlights of 2.3.0

When I look at the changelog, no new feature stands out for me personally in such a way that I would personally say it would be an absolute must-have, a game changer – I speak only for myself personally and am happy if others see it differently. Certainly, the Swedish and Slovakian users see it differently, because at least we now provide two more new languages thanks to the translators Henrike71 and drobec.

Update Andy: “Well, my game changers are: The improvements of the WIG Analyzer, the ‘Show all coordinates at once’ function and I don’t know any app which supports Magic Eye.”

A lot of time has been spent internally on code improvements and bugfixing. In the meantime, Thomas had to deal with the fact that the whole server for our WIG analyzer broke down and he had to rebuild it.

Again some user requests found their way into the app. The biggest curiosity is certainly the new tool Letter Count. A user simply wanted to know how many occurrences of a certain character exist in a text. I smiled because I thought this was one of the very first and absolutely most basic functions of GCW ever, until I had to realize: Yes, we can indeed not evaluate letters and characters counts 😀 So thanks also to the constantly growing community for hints, requests and exciting discussions!

As always, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team, who all did a great job again! Besides the already mentioned Andy and Thomas, there is of course also Mike, who often implements features in no time and is always on the spot when it comes to nasty bug reports. And not to forget Andreas, who tirelessly directs the translators and tries to keep up with the manuals. Without the team the GC Wizard would certainly not be where it is now! Thanks!


[new] Language: Swedish (Thanks, ‘Henrike71’)
[new] Language: Slovak (Thanks, ‘drobec’)
[new] Coordinate Format: Lambert, L95
[new] Coordinate Format: Reverse WIG Day1976 (Thanks, ‘andre0707’ & Thomas)
[new] Coordinate Overview (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Letter Count
[new] Magic Eye (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Day of the year (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Time to degrees (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Befunge (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Piet (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Music Notes (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Guitar Tabs
[new] Mathematical Constants
[new] Shadow Length: Location
[new] Bundeswehr Authentication (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Bowling (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Rabbit Code (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Gade: Parse Letters
[new] Wet Bulb Temperature (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] √2, √3, √5 (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Hash Overview, Hash Identification (Thanks, Mike)
[new] Lucky/Happy Numbers, Permutable Primes (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] WIG Analyzer: Simple View (Thanks, Thomas)
[new] Symbol Tables (Thanks, Andreas)
[new] Option: Tool order by usage frequency
[fix] Symbol Tables: Egyptian (Thanks, Thomas)
[fix] Symbol Tables: KarTrak (Thanks, Andreas)
[fix] Typewriter ZC1 (Thanks, Thomas)
[fix] Vanity Words (Thanks, Thomas)
[fix] Wherigo Analyzer (Thanks, Thomas)
[fix] [web] Quadtree (Thanks, Mike)
[fix] Chef (Thanks, Thomas)
[fix] Hidden Data: Archives (Thanks, Mike)
[fix] Several Numeral Words (Thanks, Thomas)