EAN – Check digit tools

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The term European Article Number is used today only as the acronym EAN and refers to the barcode from the EAN/UPC symbology.

The EAN barcode is available in two variants:

  • EAN-13 (standard with 13-digit number)
  • EAN-8 (for small products with an 8-digit number)

Below each symbol is the identification number in plain text as a backup in case the barcode is not readable.

GC Wizard offers the following check digit tools for EAN

Checking the validity of an EAN

Calculate the check digit of an EAN

Calculate missing digits of an EAN

If the EAN is correct, further information about the product can be retrieved via the Open EAN/GTIN Database.

To do this, first confirm the database query.

The data found is then output.

If the EAN is not correct, possible correct EANs are displayed: