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The euro banknotes were put into circulation on the first day of validity, January 1, 2002. There are currently two series of euro banknotes. The second series was put into circulation between 2013 and 2019.

Numbering of the first series of euro banknotes

Each national central bank (NCB) of the Eurosystem has been assigned an individual code letter, which appears as the first character of the serial number on all banknotes. The NCB letter is followed by a ten-digit number and a check digit (1-9).

Numbering of the second series of euro banknotes

The serial numbers of the Europa series begin with two letters, followed by a sequence of ten digits. The first digit of the serial number indicates the banknote printing company, while the second digit, like the following ten digits, uniquely identifies the banknote within the printing company’s production volume for that denomination.

GC Wizard offers the following check digit tools for euro banknote numbers:

Checking the validity of a euro banknote number

Calculating the check digit of a euro banknote number

Calculate missing digits of a euro banknote number

If the banknote number is correct, further details are displayed.

If the banknote number is incorrect, correct options are calculated.