04 How to navigate in the App?

The following functions are provided in the main overview:

  • Search – after entering a keyword, the related tools are listed
  • View tools by main groups
    • Tools for Games
    • General Code Solvers
    • Tools from Science and Technology
    • Symbol Tables
  • Overview of all tools sorted alphabetically
  • Overview of favorites
  • Infos and GC Wizard settings
    • Settings
      • General
      • Coordinates
    • Changelog
    • About the team
    • Want to help?
In the first view you will find all tools organized by categories. Among other things, the view also helps you browse our symbol tables.
In the list view, all tools are sorted alphabetically and only in special cases with subgroups, e.g. symbol tables, or all functions regarding “Pi”.
In the favorites view are all your self starred tools. You can mark single functions as well as groups with a star.
If you already know what you are looking for, the fastest way is probably to use the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Just type in your search term there. If you still can’t find it, there are several ways:
– We haven’t programmed it yet, and you put it on the wishlist via a ticket on Github.
– We haven’t programmed it yet, but you support us in doing so and participate in our project on Github.
– We have already programmed it, but the search term isn’t stored for it. Then also send us a ticket via Github and we’ll take a look.
Tapping the GCW icon brings up the settings overview.
In the general settings you can adjust the settings for the appearance and behavior of the app:
– Color scheme (dark / light)
– Font size
– Display of description and example in the tool overview
– Home view (last opened tab / selection of a tab)
– Clipboard
– Default length unit
In the coordinates settings you have to set the settings for the calculations of the app:
– Default format of the coordinates
– Default hemispheres, so for Germany north and east
– Default ellipsoid, should normally be WGS84
In the changelog you can see the latest changes to the app
In the “About” section you can find useful links and in “Third party code libraries and images used” you can read about the claimed licenses for functions and symbol tables.
In the “Would you like to help us?” section you can find a short description of some ways to actively support our project. In this manual you can find the long version of it.