06 Viewing, Using, and Saving Results

Depending on the function you use in GC Wizard, the app will either automatically calculate a result or wait for a command.

An example of a function that automatically starts calculating is the Alphabet Values. GC Wizard immediately begins showing results once you’ve entered a value in the input field. The Waypoint Projection function will only start calculating once you’ve tapped the Submit button. The Coordinate Measurement function starts measuring when you tap the Start Measurement button.

Viewing the Results

Screenshot of an output in GC Wizard

Once GC Wizard has calculated the given task, you can view the result in the section below the text Output. Depending on the type of result, one or more results will be displayed in the output section. For example, the Waypoint Projection function displays only one result, but the Alphabet Value function displays many results.

Copying Results to the Clipboard

Behind all results, there is a button to copy them. If you tap on it, the result will be copied to the clipboard. These can be various types of results. Sometimes it’s also possible to copy multiple results at once. In that case, there is a copy button on the same line as the text Output.

Saving Results

Screenshot of an output in GC Wizard

If the result type is for example a coordinate, there is usually a button to save your results as a GPX or KML file on your device. When you tap on this button, a screen appears asking in which format you want to save the results. Then, the file app of your device opens, allowing you to choose the location of the file and its name.

If the result is an image, of course this can be saved, too.

Using Results in Other Functions

Screenshot of the selection menu in the formula solver of GC Wizard

Some results can be used in other functions. Often, you can view a coordinate in the Map View or add it to the Open. Sometimes you’ll see a button with three dots. Here, there may also be a reference to another function, for example, in the Formula Solver.