05 How do I enter coordinates?

Several functions within GC Wizard require coordinates. Although a coordinates input screen in a function may have a different name, the possibilities and methods of entering are usually the same. On the screenshot, the coordinates input screen is called Coordinate A.

A function within GC Wizard may contain more than one input field.

The icons behind the name of the coordinate

Behind the name of a coordinate, there are 3 buttons.

Copy buttonIf you tap this button, the value of the corresponding coordinate is copied.
Location buttonIf you tap this button, GC Wizard copies your location into the coordinates input field.
Paste buttonIf you tap this button, you can choose a value from the clipboard to place in the coordinates input field.
A brief description of the buttons of the input screen.

The input format menu

Below the coordinate name, you’ll find a dropdown menu. Here, you can select the format in which you’d like to input the coordinates.

By default, this is set to DMM: DD° MM.MMM. This is the standard format that geocaching.com uses.

Thanks to the internal coordinate parser, your entered coordinates are understood and converted into usable coordinates for calculations. Read more about different coordinate format notations and the internal coordinate parser in the article Why does the coordinate parser exist internally?

Screenshot of the coordinate input field DMM in GC Wizard

Text fields for coordinates

If you change the coordinate format in the choice menu, the input fields may change. GC Wizard guides you in this way to provide the correct coordinates. You can enter coordinates in three ways.

  • You can manually enter a coordinate by typing in the text fields.
  • You can copy a coordinate from the clipboard by tapping the paste button.
  • You can set your current location in the coordinate by tapping the location button. Location must be enabled, and GC Wizard needs permission to view your location.
Screenshot of the coordinate input field SwissGrid in GC Wizard