00 What is Morbit?

Morbit code is a fascinating variant of Morse code that performs a polygramic substitution in addition to Morse coding.

The Morbit code uses a numeric index (from 1 to 9) that is linked to Morse character pairs. This index is created using a keyword.

Example: The keyword “MORSECODE” produces the index 568931724 by sorting the letters alphabetically and assigning them to the numbers 1234567879.

The first step in encryption is to encode the original message in Morse code. The characters are separated by a slash “/” and words are separated by double slashes “//”.

Example: The message “MORE BITS” is represented in Morse code as “-/-/.-././/-…/…/-/…”.

In the second part of the encoding, the Morse code characters are divided into pairs of 2 characters and linked to the corresponding index value.

Example: “- /- – /. -. /- … ./ … /-” corresponds to the numbers 32379749578158.

The encrypted result is therefore “32379749578158”.