03 How do I help translate the GC Wizard strings?

The GC Wizard uses the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for internationalization. JSON is a compact data format in an easy-to-read text form for data exchange.

The internationalization in GC Wizard is based on the following idea:

  • Text output in GC Wizard is done using keys, which are only replaced by corresponding values during output depending on the language.
  • Each key and each value is a character string. Strings start and end with double straight quotes (“). Strings can contain Unicode characters and escape sequences introduced by \.
  • Each key-value pair is a property of a language object.
  • A separate language object is created for each language and stored in a json file.
  • Each language object starts with { and ends with }. It contains a comma-divided, unordered list of properties.
  • Each property consists of a key and a value, separated by a colon (key : value).

For a new language it is therefore necessary to

  • create a new language file with a language object
  • to translate the values of the properties.

If you want to help us, write us an e-mail and we will send you the json-files for the german or english language as a base for the translation, so you only need to translate the texts and take care for the special characters.