00 What functions does the “Telegraph” menu offer?

For the transmission of messages, there were already in ancient times simple systems for the optical transmission of messages with fire or smoke. These consisted of a few signals and were used for alerting.

With the increasing need for communication, these systems were no longer sufficient. The invention of the telescope made a wide range of signals possible.

Proven were

  • Systems with flags
    • Flag alphabets of various navies – NATO, Royal Navy, German Kriegsmarine
    • Signal alphabets with flags
      • NATO
      • Wig Wag of the US Signal Corps
  • Systems with poles
    • Claude Chappe, France
    • Prussian Telegraph
  • Systems with flaps
    • George Murray, England
    • Abraham Niklas Edelcrantz, Sweden
    • Ohlsen, Norway

With the discovery of electric current, there were new possibilities to transmit texts by the rash of needles. Well known were for example the needle telegraphs of

  • Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber
  • Pual Ludwig Schilling von Canstatt
  • William Fothergill Cooke and Charles Wheatstone

With the invention of the punched tape, further possibilities of data transmission but also storage arose, which were used in the so-called teleprinters. Known became the codes of

  • Jean Maurice Emile Baudot
  • Donald Murray

GC Wizard offers for the above mentioned systems besides symbol tables also functions for encrypting and decrypting.