05 What is the UIC identification marking for tractive stock?

The UIC identification marking for tractive stock is a standard for identifying train stock like locomotives that supply tractive force primarily in Europe. Since the beginning of 2007 locomotives or other traction units in Europe have been given a 12-digit number. Vehicle numbering is now governed by the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail and in Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) of the European Union, specifically the European Railway Agency’s CR OPE TSI (Conventional Rail OPErations Technical Specification for Interoperability). This makes the locomotive clearly identifiable within Europe and parts of Asia and northern Africa (see List of UIC country codes).


90Miscellaneous (tractive unit not otherwise classified, e.g. steam locomotive)
91Electric locomotive
92Diesel locomotive
93Electric multiple unit (high speed) [power car or trailer]
94Electric multiple unit (not high speed) [power car or trailer]
95Diesel multiple unit [power car or trailer]
96Specialised trailer
97Electric shunter
98Diesel shunter
99Special vehicle (e.g. Departmental tractive unit)