06 UIC classification of goods wagons

UIC classification of goods wagons – Wikipedia

The international system for the classification of goods wagons was agreed by the Union internationale des chemins de fer (UIC) in 1965 and subsequently introduced into member countries. For example it was adopted in Germany on 1 January 1968 replacing the previous German railway wagon classes that originated as early as 1905. The UIC classification has been amended several times since it began.

The type designation of freight wagons is an international letter marking that contains the most important technical features of these rail wagons. This marking applies to all vehicles used in international freight traffic.

This type designation is generally referred to as the UIC generic mark and consists of a “generic letter” (upper case) and one or more “code letters” (lower case) and is used to identify the freight wagon characteristics, which is particularly important for loading and operation. The UIC class mark is written below the UIC wagon number and thus replaces the previously used markings.