Support and Contribute

You like the GC Wizard and want to support us? This is awesome! Thank you so much! 🙂

Here are your options:

Buy us a coffee

We have running costs in development. For example, the developer account for the iOS version costs $100 annually. Test and development devices also cost money. Not to mention the barrels of coffee we drink away 😀

Buy the Gold version of the apps

The Gold version is completely identical to the normal, free version, there are no advantages or disadvantages. You only get the Gold logo on your device. It is a pure donation version.

Transparency information: About half of the proceeds goes to Google or Apple, the other half is for us.

Rate the app in the stores and spread the word

Especially young apps need help with the distribution. Therefore we are grateful for every recommendation. You have a blog, a podcast, a facebook group or just lots of friends? Spread the word!

It would also be great if you could rate the apps in the stores. Especially with young apps many look at the stars. Many good ratings help with the distribution. A positive side effect is that they also compensate any bad ratings, which would have more weight if there were fewer ratings in total.

5 stars for the GCW!

You want to contribute to the GC Wizard actively?

That’s absolutely awesome!

As you may know, the GCW is open source. That means, everybody can see the source code and actively participate in it. It’s available on GitHub:

There are many different ways you can help us. Of course you can be an active developer. Especially we would be happy about support in the development of the user interface (Frontend, UI/UX), because we don’t really have a knack for that.

You have seen new symbols that you really want to have in the wizard? Then take a look at this post.

You’re a “Social Media Wizard”? We are happy about any support in maintaining Facebook or Twitter accounts. We could also be better represented in the various forums. We would also be happy about tutorials, e.g. on Youtube. Have fun!

We gratefully accept any help: Graphics, code, tweets or just bug reports. Anything you can think of! 🙂