Hello everyone! ?

I just wanted to let you know: We haven’t been dead yet. There hasn’t been an update for a while now, but that doesn’t mean we’re not busy working.

We are still working on our completely new section “Images and Files”. We have created a great collection of tools to help solve puzzles based on pictures or other files.

Currently the list includes:

  • Analyse Animated Gifs
  • Analyse Animated Gifs for Morse code
  • Convert binary code to QR or barcodes
  • Exif/metadata viewer for images (incl. analyse for hidden zip archives)
  • Interpret hexadecimal numbers as a file
  • Color correction for images (e.g. increase contrast to see dark grey writing on a black background)
  • LSB steganography
  • Recognise QR and barcodes as image files
  • Visual cryptography (https://twitter.com/gc_wizard/status/1410683832458747904)

We’re in the final stages there, but on the whole this project has really turned out to be a very long, big chunk of work. That’s not so much because of the tools themselves, but because we’re now dealing directly with the operating systems Android and iOS for the first time. Writing files somehow works, but reading from arbitrary folders is unfortunately not readily possible. iOS users will already know that the apps can only work in their own directories. So downloading an image with a browser is possible, but accessing this download from another app is not so easy. And unfortunately, since version 11, Android also has such limitation. In order to still achieve a satisfactory user experience we still have to tinker and research. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as we would like it to be. For Android, the whole thing looks very good in the meantime, we are very curious about the iOS test afterwards. As for the support of the tools for the web version… Well, there’s a big disclaimer at the start for a reason ?

Nevertheless, we are confident that we will be able to go into beta release in the next few weeks. At the moment it’s still summer and holiday time, so of course programmers spend less of their free time at the computer. Give us a little more time and then we will be able to come up with the new, great version, not least the already announced, surely eagerly awaited phone key extension ?

Greetings, the #GCWizard team!