01 What does the Animated Images Morse Code function do?

In the “Animated Images Morse Code” section, the GC Wizard splits animated gif, png or webp files into their individual images and analyses the times of the individual images. An attempt is then made to generate a Morse code from the times.

It is also possible to generate an animated graphic with Morse code using 2 images and a desired text.


The GC Wizard allows you to load animated graphics from the device or from the internet.

After loading, the following functions are available in the output:

Filter for double pictures
Display file sequence
back to the single image display
Save all individual images in a zip file

The following functions and information are available in the single image display:

Switch to full screen mode
Fit image (after zooming)
Save single image
Open in:
– Exif/Metadata Viewer
– Color correction
– Hex Viewer
– Search for Hidden Data
previous / next picture
Index / total number of images
Display duration of the selected frame

The output then shows the decoded text and the underlying Morse code.


Before an animated graphic can be generated, a graphic for the ON and OFF signal is required.

The GC Wizard allows you to load the individual graphics from the unit or from the Internet.

The dot duration is the basic value for the desired Morse code.

The text to be encoded is entered in the field below and after clicking on Submit, the animated graphic is generated.

The result can then be saved with the Save button.