05 How are formulas interpreted?

After the input of variables and values, the formula solver tries to interpret the respective formulas mathematically. To do this, the variables of the formulas are replaced with the entered values. The resulting text is then examined by the formula solver. If the solver now finds a mathematically correct formula, it evaluates it.

  • 42: Correct formula, since a single number
  • 42.5: also a number
  • 2+5: Correct formula
  • (3 * 4) + 10: Also correct

Even more complex functions such as square root sqrt(4) or exponents 2^5 can be evaluated. For more, see “04 Which functions, operators and constants are available?”

Incorrect formulas:

  • 2 * A: The value for A is not yet set
  • North 52.123: “North” cannot be interpreted mathematically

If a formula has been interpreted correctly, it will be preceded by a check mark, otherwise by an exclamation mark.

If it could not be interpreted, the not yet or only partially filled out formula will be displayed. In this way, you can see whether, for example, a variable is still missing, as in this example B and C.

As you can see, the value for B was added here. Some more formulas could now be calculated.

All values entered. All formulas were calculated.