01 What is the esoteric programming language Chef?


Chef is an esoteric programming language developed by David Morgan-Mar in 2002.

A program consists of the following sections, separated by blank lines:

  • Title (required), Name of the recipe
  • Comment
  • Ingredients (required), list of variables and their values
  • Cooking time
  • Pre-heating
  • Methods (required), list of instructions for modifying variables
  • Serves, amount of portions which have to be served

The names of variables can be chosen freely in principle, but variables are usually named after typical cooking ingredients. Values of dry ingredients are output as numerical values, those of liquid ingredients as characters (e.g. letters).

The variables/ingredients are processed in mixing bowls or baking dishes. Bowls and serving dishes correspond to stacks, i.e. the top entry can be processed in each case.

The GC Wizard can interpret/execute existing chef programs or create chef programs.

Chef programmes can be written in either German or English.