02 Which functions does the GC Wizard offer for dealing with Braille?

From the set of Braille languages are considered:

  • Simple Braille based on the standard alphabet
    • letters or numbers only
    • letters and numbers
  • German Braille based on the system of German Braille according to the resolutions of January 30, 1998 in Vienna with supplement 2005 published by the Braille Commission of the German-speaking countries
    Dt_sys_05_Fuchs_141105 (pharmabraille.com)
  • English Braille based on the rules for Unified English Braille, 2nd edition 2013 published by the International Council on English Braille
    GRADE 1 MODE (pharmabraille.com)
  • French braille based on the standard code of French braille for transcription of printed texts realized within the framework of the Agreement on Cooperation for the Standardization of French Braille
    CBFU édition internationale Final (pharmabraille.com)
  • Euro-Braille

GC Wizard offers two funktions:

the decryption or encryption by means of a symbol table

the decryption or encryption in a graphical way via a segment display. With this toll three languages are available for selection:

  • German
  • English Grade 1
  • French