00 What are Magic Eye images?

Magic Eye – Wikipedia

The Magic Eye (originally Magic Eye) is a book series of computer-generated stereograms published since the 1990s. The Magic Eye images were developed by Tom Baccei.

On top of an original image, an image is superimposed that is similar to the original image, but in places is offset or discolored by a few pixels. From the difference between the two images, the human brain “develops” the hidden three-dimensional image.

To see this, the viewer must concentrate with both eyes on a fictitious point behind the Magic Eye image. The brain then processes the information from fixing the dot behind the image and actually seeing the image into a 3-D motif.

Not all people are able to see the 3-D objects in the Magic Eye images. In addition to incorrectly applied viewing techniques, the main cause of this is insufficient or faulty cooperation of the eyes, for example in the case of visual disorders such as strabismus, strongly pronounced eye dominance or astigmatism.