00 What does the “Science and Technology” menu offer?

The “Science and Technology” menu offers numerous functions from the fields of

  • Astronomy
    Sunrise/monadrise/set, date/time, …
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
    Periodic table
  • Computer science
    Color spaces
  • Mathematics
    prime numbers, e, phi, pi, …
  • Physics
    Ballistics, temperatures, unit converter, …
  • Technology
    segment displays, resistance calculations, …
  • Telegraphs
    • Tools for (de)coding for telegraph systems
      • Chappe rod telegraph (France)
      • Edelcrantz flap telegraph (Sweden)
      • Murray flap telegraph (England)
      • Ohlsen flap telegraph (Norway)
      • Prussian optical telegraph
      • Gauss Weber needle telegraph
      • Schilling Canstatt needle telegraph
      • Cooke Wheatstone needle telegraph
      • Wig Wag /Flag Alphabet
      • Wig Wag flag system (US Army)