02 What are Keyboard Layouts?

The keyboard layout describes the coding of the individual keys on the keyboard of a typewriter or computer terminal or …

The basic layout goes back to the mechanical typewriter. Based on the first six letters of the top row of keys, these keyboard layouts are referred to as

  • QWERTZ in the German language area
  • QWERTY in English-speaking countries
  • AZERTY in the French-speaking world

These are modified in each case country-specifically.

With the advent of computers, different layouts were developed to increase typing speed or reduce fatigue.

GC Wizard knows the following keyboard layouts

  • QWERTZ T1 (German)
  • QWERTY (US international)
  • RISTOME (German)
  • NEO (German)
  • Colemak
  • Dvorak
  • Dvorak (German, Type I Variant 1)
  • Dvorak (German, Type I Variant 2)
  • Dvorak (German, Type I Variant 3)
  • Dvorak (German, Type II)
  • AZERTY, NF Z71-300 (French)
  • BÉPO, NF Z71-300 (French)