01 What does the Exif and Metadata Viewer function do?

The “Exchangeable Image File Format” (official abbreviation Exif) is a standard format of the Japan Electronic and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) for storing metadata in digital images.

The Exif data of an image file stores technical information about the image capture, including camera model, time of capture and camera settings.

Exif data is written directly into the file of images of the formats JFIF (JPEG) or TIFF – in the so-called header (area at the beginning of the image file, even before the actual image information).

In the meantime, practically every digital camera stores this additional information about the shot in the image, even the camera applications of most smartphones create images with Exif data. With various image editing programmes, this data can also be modified, e.g. to hide desired coordinates in it.

The GC Wizard can output this data.

The image can be loaded either from the unit or from the Internet.

The following functions are available in the image display:

Switch to full screen mode
Fit image (after zooming)
Save single image
Open in:
– Exif/Metadata Viewer
– Color correction
– Hex Viewer
– Search for Hidden Data