06 Can I also take a bearing / projection?

In addition to coordinate interpolations, the tool also offers the possibility of taking bearings/projections at the same time.

For illustration a simpler example is taken here (note the strongly simplified notation of the coordinate format, which is correctly interpreted as DMM at the end).

“A” takes the values 1 to 3, “B” the values 2 to 7.

Without projections, the map view looks like a simple grid.

Now you can add the projections. Here also, as in the coordinates field, complex formulas are allowed, which leads to a variable projection.

Here in the example A is used for the distance and B for the direction.

As you can see, the image now changes dramatically. For example, the star-shaped pattern is created by changing the projection direction through B, which varies between 100 and 350 degrees depending on the value.

In the projection, of course, the integrated backward bearing can also be used, which results in this image here in the example.