01 What does the colour corrections function do?

Due to the limited abilities of our eyes to distinguish minute colour variations, data can be hidden in images.

For example, to display this data, images can be examined using for example the following methods brightness, exposure and contrast or colour saturation, gamma or colour value, red value, green value, blue value and so on …

The changes are displayed immediately – immediately of course in relation to the size of the preview.

The GC Wizard allows you to load graphics from the device or from the internet.

The following functions are available in the image display:

Switch to full screen mode
Fit image (after zooming)
Save single image
Open in:
– Exif/Metadata Viewer
– Color correction
– Hex Viewer
– Search for Hidden Data

The list of the following correction options can be scrolled.

  • Invert the image
  • Convert to grayscale
  • Adjusting the brightness
  • Adjusting the exposure
  • Adjusting colour saturation
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Adjusting the gamma value
  • Adjusting the colour value
  • Adjusting the red value
  • Adjusting the green value
  • Adjusting the blue value
  • Detecting edges