02 What information can I find in the data view?

In the data view of the elements, the individual properties for the elements can be displayed and also filtered or sorted according to them.

Property types

  • Element name
  • Chemical symbol
  • Atomic number
  • IUPAC group
  • IUPAC group name
  • Main group
  • Subgroup
  • Period
  • State of aggregation
  • Atomic mass
  • Melting point
  • Boiling point
  • Electronegativity
  • Density
  • Radioactivity
  • Half-life
  • Most common isotope
  • Natural/Synthetic


If you select one of the following properties, only the unique element with all its properties will be displayed.

  • Element name
  • Chemical symbol
  • Atomic number

When selecting the other properties, either a filter option appears (e.g. radioactive / non-radioactive) or directly a list, which can be sorted in ascending or descending order (e.g. atomic mass).

By tapping on an element, one jumps directly to the overview of the corresponding properties. The individual details can be copied to the clipboard.