02 How do the coordinate calculations work?

The following standard functions apply to all coordinate tools:

The coordinates can be specified manually or by taking over the current location as well as a coordinate from the clipboard.

For the input and output it is possible to select for the coordinates from different formats (DEC, DMM, DMS, Reverse WhereIGo, …). The complete list can be found in the chapter “Format conversion”.

For the indication of the angle for bearings it is also possible to select from the list of 32 cardinal directions (N, NO, …).

For the input and output of distances, it is possible to select from different international length units (m, km, ft, …).

The output can be copied to the clipboard with one click.

The calculations map the correct ellipsoid of the Earth and thus, depending on the calculation source of the owner, may not turn every checker green. But they are correct ?

The entered data as well as the calculated results can be displayed in the map view of OpenStreetMap or as a satellite image of Mapbox. It is also possible to add it to your Open Map.

An internet connection is required for this.

  • The black dots indicate the entered coordinates.
  • The green dots indicate the calculated coordinates.
  • By means of the upper symbol the map can be switched over.
  • The lower symbol activates and deactivates the display of the own location (orange)