01 Wherigo-Cartridges – the file formats

The following file types exist in the Wherigo cartridge ecosystem:

  • _cartrdige.lua

This file contains all the instructions and data required to play the cardridge. This includes in particular the zones, character, items, tasks, timers and inputs.

  • .GWZ – Groundspeak Wherigo Zip

This file is the summary of all media files and the _cartridge.lua file as a zip file. It is uploaded to the Wherigo portals.

  • .GWC – Groundspeak Wherigo Cartridge

This file is the actual cartridge. It is created from the GWZ file during the download. Additional player specific information like name, ID and completion code is added.
There are also other files that are created when playing on the smartphone.

  • .OWL

This file contains a log of activities while playing. If the cartridge crashes, the programmer can track here what possibly led to the crash.