01 How does the Open Map work?

The free map allows you to place different points on a map and connect them with each other.

This makes it possible to measure individual points on the map and also the distances can be measured by means of the connecting lines.

The Buttons

Paste coordinates from clipboard
Add new point in the middle of the screen
Line from here, then tap a point on the map
Line to here, then tap a point on the map
Delete all map contents
Save all map content as JSON, GPX or KML file
Switch view from Mapbox (satellite) to OpenStreetMap (map)
Hide / show current position

Elements on the Map

When a set point or line is tapped, the info about the coordinate or length appears.

Editing of points and lines

The points can be subsequently moved and positioned ord edited as desired.

It is also possible to define a radius around points.

The lines can be edited in color or displayed as orthodromes/geodeses or loxodromes/rhumb lines.

All data are retained even after a restart and the free map can also be filled from other functions, such as the “Variable coordinate“.