What is Duck Speak?

Nak is a game language that sounds like duck sounds. That’s why this code is also called Duck Speak or Entisch. Normal text is translated into ‘entisch’ and then consists only of ‘Nak’ sounds, just like a duck would make them.

Nak Nak was developed in 2011 by Manuel Weißbach as a gag to match the name of his website schnatterente.net and a corresponding translator was published on it.

The plaintext is split into half-bytes (i.e. 4 bits each) and then converted into Nak sounds according to the following table:


How does GC Wizard encode or decode using Duck Speak?

Depending on the mode, the text is immediately analyzed during input and decrypted or encrypted accordingly.

By switching to “Only Digits”, the digits 0-9 are directly de-/encrypted according to the table above.