05 How are non-three-digit milliminutes interpreted in DMM format?

Now it can happen that you do not get the geocaching-usual three decimal places with the selected DMM format, like here in the example. It can be more or less.

There are two possible interpretations:

  • Either one interprets the C = 6 in the example (BC) as 6 milliminutes (=B06),
  • or rather as mathematically more correct decimal place x.B6 (=B60)

In the example the first 0 is the B and does not come from filling up. It is only the last two digits that the C provides. This has always been an ongoing and very heated discussion. The GCWizard offers here the possibility to choose between both interpretations by means of an option switch (only with the DMM format!).

The calculated coordinates can then be displayed on the map. Here you can see the coordinates with the first DMM interpretation.

If the decimal places are always interpreted as three digits, then C = 6 becomes C = 06, but also the four-digit result (resulting from the three-digit C result + one B digit) becomes a minute jump. The map looks a little different now. The coordinates have been interpreted differently.