00 Wherigo cartridges – a look behind the scenes

Be careful – this is not about playing Wherigos, but about the technology behind it! So it gets nerdy. With the look behind the scenes comes information

  • about the file formats
  • about the structure of a Wherigo cartridge
  • the structure of a Wherigo Lua file
  • to the tools of the GC Wizard
    • analysis and display of files
    • decoding text messages
    • finding answers

There are several possibilities or editors for creating a Wherigo cartridge …

UrwigoUrwigo – alternativní wherigo builder
EarwigoEarwigo – the Wherigo™ Web Builder 0000.3.2019.09.16.174037: Main page
Wherigo KitWherigo\\kit (wherigofoundation.com)
Groundspeak Wherigo BuilderDownload Builder (wherigo.com)

… which I will not go into, however.