06 How can I use subformulas?

Now it is possible, for example, that you have the formulas that you want to calculate only partially (e.g. formulas for whole coordinates, see next picture).

Formulas can be divided into sub-formulas. Square brackets are used for this. Square brackets are now considered by the formula solver as independent mathematical expressions, regardless of what lies outside of these ranges.

Texts that are outside of the brackets will now be ignored at all . This means that these texts or possible variables are neither replaced nor mathematically interpreted there. So if only a single square bracket group appears in the formula, this means that only this sub-formula is of importance (of course there can be several sub-formulas).

In this picture you can see that A got a value, but only the A within the sub-formula was replaced and interpreted.

Examples of formulas with sub-formulas:

  • 1. This is considered as decimal number 2.34
  • 2. Mathematical expression
    Attention, here “A.B” is recognized as a separate number which is multiplied by C: 2.3 * 4 = 9.2
  • 3. Sub-formula is calculated.Since A is outside the square brackets, A is ignored as a value.
  • 4. A is embedded in its own sub-formula. Both sub-formulas are calculated separately
  • 5. No mathematical term. There is only a replacement of the variables
  • 6. Within the sub-formulas there are valid mathematical expressions which are calculated. Then the results are integrated into the entire formula and the resulting text is output