01 What is the esoteric language Ook!?

DM’s Esoteric Programming Languages – Ook! (dangermouse.net)

Ook! is a variant of the esoteric programming language Brainfuck for Orang Utans, developed by David Morgan-Mar.

The design criteria of the language are:

  • A programming language should be writable and readable by orangutans.
  • The syntax should be simple, easy to remember, and avoid the word monkey.
  • Bananas are good.

Apparently this programming language is based on the librarian from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels (compare his ability to express every word and sentence with “Ook” (“Ugh” in German) and his sensitivity when he is called “Monkey” – he prefers “Ape”).

Ook! is formally identical to Brainfuck. The syntax of the two languages is the same, only the representation in symbols differs.